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All of Georgia’s public colleges, technical colleges and universities are structured to meet your needs as an adult learner by providing online or face-to-face course options, flexible scheduling, and career planning. You may also be eligible to earn credit for previous military, work, or volunteer experience to help you attain your degree faster.

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Bainbridge State College

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Gwinnett Technical College

  • By 2020, more than 60 percent of jobs in Georgia will require some type of postsecondary degree. Currently, only 42 percent of the state’s population is prepared to such a level.

  • College in Georgia is convenient for anyone. Whether it means enrolling on campus, taking classes at a satellite location or using the online options available at many of Georgia’s public institutions – we’re closer than you think.

  • The financial costs of earning a degree or certificate are much less than people typically think. In fact, USG and TCSG institutions are even more affordable than for-profit colleges. And there are numerous scholarships and grants readily available. So regardless of your financial situation, it is possible to make college work.

  • Georgia’s public colleges, technical colleges and universities offer a higher-quality education that can be earned by attending classes online, on campus or both. College life looks different for everybody. Choose the path that best helps you move ahead.

  • Georgia’s University System and Technical College System provide well-established institutions that you know and trust, offering a large selection of certificates, associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees.

  • Georgia’s public colleges, technical colleges and universities are making it easier for prospective students to go back to school, offering a simpler enrollment process, more ways to transfer earned college credits, personal advisers and more flexible course schedule options.